Moving and the military family

Moving and the military family

It is not easy to live in a military family.  The hours can be very long, the pay can be very low, and having to move on a frequent basis is a part of life in the service; it is not an unusual occurrence for families to have to pack their things and undergo relocation to faraway places several times in the course of a career in the military.

The good news, however, is that the expenses for this will be paid by the military, which means that the burden on the family is at least somewhat eased.

Anyone in the military will be able to tell you that there is a certain manner in which things should be done, and this also applies to the packing of possessions before a move from base to base that has been approved by the military.  Everything has to be packed up in a certain way in accordance with military protocol; this is something that is for the family’s benefit, as it decreases the chance of any damage being done to their belongings during the course of transportation.

The military is well renowned for being extremely efficient, and moving and packing is no different in this regard.  Military inspectors will be on hand to supervise in order to make sure that everything is done properly.  The inspector also makes certain that the home is left in a good condition, with a fresh coat of paint and patched holes.

Rick Wozniak