Moving and storage

Moving and storage

If you are intending to place items into storage, many facilities will be only too happy to supply moving and packing supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, wrapping paper and boxes of various sizes.  Boxes should be packed completely, with any spaces stuffed with plain newspaper to stop the boxes from collapsing upon being stacked.

Personal goods and clothing should be packed in boxes that are strong and secure.  If you are intending to put these items into storage on a long-term basis, you should consider including some mothballs.  Professional full service storage facilities may also be required to be compliant for frequent pest control prevention .  You should never put anything in storage that is combustible, such as chemicals or paint.  Perishable items such as food that has not been permanently sealed are also not allowed. Be sure to speak with the facility manager for a list of the specific items.

When you place lawn and garden equipment into storage, be sure that you have drained any fluids beforehand to prevent the possibility of corrosive damage taking place.  Trash cans are a good place to store hoes, rakes and shovels.  If you are intending to put any delicate heirlooms in storage, it is a very good idea to make use of boxes that have been specially constructed, such as wardrobe boxes, and use dehumidifiers in order to prevent the build-up of mildew.

Furniture should be carefully stored on pallets or boards.  When it comes to mattresses, these need to be covered and then placed flat on a level surface.  Anything with a wood surface should be treated prior to being placed in storage.