Moving and packing tips

Few would describe moving as a time of great joy, but happily there are ways to make sure that the relocation process does not become too stressful or overwhelming.  This is by following a number of simple tips relating to the best methods of packing up a household. If you are making a move with items that are breakable, the best idea is to bundle them together. While packing your dishes you should make sure that packing paper is placed around each one and then wrap bundles of around five or six dishes together with yet more paper.

Dishes should always be packed on their sides and never flat.   Make use of a lot of bunched-up paper for the purpose of padding both above and below, and place cups and bowls inside one another, complete with paper in between them, and wrapped three or four at a time.   Be certain to have them all packed in dish-barrel boxes. There are other items in your household that might need special treatment.   While televisions are often treated by professional movers in the same way as any other piece of furniture, plasma televisions will need to be moved in either the original box or special wooden crates and should never be laid flat.

Double-box your television if you are doing the packing yourself and set the box with the TV inside into another box that has been padded with packing paper. Pictures that are framed behind glass should have masking tape in an X-shape across them for strength and should then be wrapped in bubble wrap.