Moving and packing advice

Moving can be a quick and simple process – providing it is done properly.   The good news is that there are some tricks, tips and insider secrets that can be a big help with this and can give you the edge that you need to make certain that your move goes off smoothly and successfully. One good tip is that prior to packing boxes you should remove any staples that they may have within them.   Stray staples can end up scratching floors and other surfaces, as they are inevitably going to move about a lot during transportation.  

It is also a great idea to buy plenty of packing tape.   Packing tape is terrific not only for strengthening boxes and making sure that they do not open while being moved but also for ensuring that they can be easily opened with a knife when the time comes.   It might even be an idea to purchase a tape gun, as this makes the process even easier and actually quite enjoyable!

It is important not to use any special maintenance or cleaning products such as oils or wax on antique furniture for at least a few weeks prior to your move.   Such products can result in the wood becoming softer for a little while, which would increase the likelihood of it being damaged in the move. It is also advisable to unplug your television 24 hours before the relocation in order to allow it to settle down to room temperature.   If it is unplugged right before the move, it will retain heat and potentially result in internal damage.

Lance Grooms