Moving an office is complicated

The moving of an entire office is a very complex process and one that should not be embarked upon without the help of a professional moving company with a good deal of experience.  In addition to simply moving furniture, the relocation of an office entails the transferring of important documents, computers and various other office electronics, and appliances from the break room.  An office move that is not executed in the most efficient manner possible could result in the move being a good deal more costly than it needs to be, both in terms of productivity and time. 

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning the relocation of an office. One of the most obvious steps to take is to make an office inventory.  This is not just useful for planning out the size of relocation and to estimate the cost but also to plan out how you intend to set up your new office space.  If you are already in possession of a floor plan for the new office then you can make use of software such as SmartDraw or the 2008 Office Planner from IKEA, both of which are available free of charge, to help you work out where your furniture can go. It is also a smart idea to let your employees have a tour of the new office prior to the move and let them have some input into the layout.

Gene Salaz