Moving an office

You will want to track down a professional moving company that can provide you with a realistic and comprehensive picture of the moving process in order to deliver a successful relocation.  An estimator should come to your site to survey your facilities and work out the manpower that will be needed, the amount and type of materials and equipment required, and the logistics of the relocation with regard to street access and elevators.

Around two weeks before the move you should make two sets of finished floor plans available to your moving company.  After these have been received the moving company will be able to implement a coloring and numbering system, color-coding your floor plans to make it simple to identify all pieces of equipment and items of furniture.  This will facilitate an accurate and fast movement of the effects of your office and a simple method of putting them at their final destination.

Around a week before the day of the move all furniture and equipment should be labeled.  Each item should have a pressure-sensitive tag applied to it bearing its precise location, which will make it easy to place into position in the new office.

All items of furniture that are not to be relocated should be marked with ‘do not move’ tags.  Initiating an immediate cleaning up policy is also advisable.  You can dispose of any unwanted material or paper, thus reducing the number of loads that need to be moved and cutting down on the cost.