Moving after military life

Moving after military life

When you leave the military you will be faced with a number of difficult choices, including choosing somewhere to live for you and your family.  You will need to take the wishes of your family into consideration as well as issues such as the cost of living and other career opportunities.

You might wish to move somewhere that is still close to your reserve unit or military installation.  There are a variety of different factors that will go into influencing the decision that you make, and making the best choice will be a lot easier if you examine all the options available to you very carefully.  Educational and career opportunities for your family are very important considerations, especially as your family is likely to have made many sacrifices for the sake of your military career.

Your spouse may have had to move far away from family members and put their career on hold, while your children may have had to relocate and change schools many times.  Moving back home can offer a good chance to reconnect with extended family; prior to making this decision though, you will need to look carefully at your home town and the job market there, as well as the cost of living and schools.

Whenever you are looking for somewhere to live, you need to think about these issues as well as what the climate is like and other important considerations.  There are many websites that can help, or you might want to visit the Relocation Assistance Program office on your current installation.