Moving advice for the summer

Moving advice for the summer

Making a move into a new home is extremely exciting, bringing with it a whole host of new opportunities, new neighbors and new belongings.  Everyone likes new things but the excitement of relocation also has a downside, with the monumental nature of the task often bringing with it a great deal of stress and aggravation.  The process of actually moving all your possessions from one home to another is often riddled with difficulties, but the good news is that there are ways to help the task along and cut down on the amount of stress and worry associated with it.

Summer is the peak time for relocation in the United States.  This is for a number of reasons, such as the better weather being more conducive to making such a big move, children being out of school, and college graduates leaving college and often moving back into the family home or possibly to a brand new city.  The great majority of work transfers also tend to take place during the summer months.  With this peak moving time about to get into full swing, the only thing likely to be as common as relocation is the horror stories about things going wrong.

Horror stories related to moving can include events such as unprofessional and inexperienced moving companies that arrive late, rush the move and end up breaking valuable or precious items; a removal truck being stolen or ending up several states away; or a moving company that quotes one price at the start of a move only to end up demanding more at the finish and holding onto the client’s belongings until they pay up.  Misunderstandings between customers and movers also abound, as do companies that promise the world and then seriously under perform.  Someone who decides to try to move themselves can also end up in serious strife when they try to move a large and heavy appliance without having the proper equipment.  People who promise to help with the move only to then fail to materialize on the moving day can be another serious issue for DIY movers.

To ensure that the day of your move runs efficiently and does not become a disaster, consider the following advice.  Firstly, you should strongly consider alternatives to moving yourself such as the services of a professional moving company.  It is easy to avoid unprofessional or unscrupulous moving companies by doing a bit of research.  Ask for testimonials, check online reviews, check the company’s status with the American Moving & Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau and read any articles about the moving and storage company that you can find.
Legitimate moving companies will enjoy good word of mouth, so make sure that you ask your real estate agent if they can refer you to a quality firm.  If you are thinking about hiring a moving company, make sure that a representative visits your home to ensure that you get a realistic estimate, and don’t forget to ask for a written contract.