Moving advice for military families

Moving advice for military families

It is not easy being a part of a military family and in some cases, depending on your rank and where you are based, it may not pay very much either.  Moving is a frequent and often unsettling part of the military experience, but the good news is that there are a few basic pieces of advice to help make a move easier and less stressful for military families.

Military families who are transferred from a military base in Canada will have their relocation paid for.  These moves are handled by the Department of Defense in Canada, while the Department of Homeland Security handles the moves in the United States.

A moving company that has been given approval by the military will come to your home on the military base and pack everything in the correct manner approved by a highly strict military protocol.  Everything that is in the home will be packed, so anything that you want to personally take with you in the car should be removed before the moving firm arrives.

If even just the one box of a particular size is out of place, the moving company will have to repack before they can leave the house; a military inspector will be around to approve the loading of the trucks.  The military family then has responsibility for making sure that the home is left in pristine condition before they move.

Rick Wozniak