Moving advice

Moving advice

If you are planning to move in the near future and know that you are going to need assistance for at least one aspect of the relocation, there are some suggestions that could be of help to you in this endeavor.

One helpful suggestion is to plan ahead.  You should start planning at least six weeks before the day of the move and give yourself ample time to pack all the items in your household.  You also need to choose the services you wish to hire, whether a rented truck to move yourself or the full services of a professional moving company, which will be able to handle every detail of your relocation. During peak times of the year, 6 weeks notice may not be enough for a moving company to accommodate your needs, you need to be prepared.

Standard moves that cross state lines are considered to be an interstate move and will be subject to federal regulation.  Weight and distance are the factors that determine the cost of a move such as this, while local moves are generally assessed per worker and by the hour.  Different states may have differing regulations for local moves, and indeed for what is officially judged to be a local move.

The costs involved are a reflection of the service level and the type of move.  You can cut some of the costs involved by choosing to relocate in the middle of the month rather than at the end or beginning, and by avoiding relocating during the traditionally busy summer season which is April through August.