Moving a refrigerator and the 10 steps you are goi …

Moving a refrigerator and the 10 steps you are goi …

Moving large household appliances can certainly be a challenging task and moving a refrigerator, specifically, is no easy feat. Fridges are big, bulky and incredibly heavy and without the proper moving techniques, there are many risks involved for both yourself and your property. So, before you start dragging your refrigerator across your brand new kitchen floors and pulling your back out at the same time, there are ten steps you should know.


Step 1: Know The Exact Dimensions

The first step to moving a refrigerator is to know the exact dimensions of not only the appliance but also, any doorways and hallways you’ll be moving it through. Doing this one step can instantly make the entire process significantly easier, as you’re able to plan for hurdles well before they arise – and there’s nothing worse than holding a refrigerator up while standing on a staircase because it won’t fit through the hallway.

Step 2: Empty the Refrigerator

Before moving your refrigerator, you must make sure that it is completely cleared out. Doing so will make the entire process easily while also reducing the change of damage (and mess) from occurring. Don’t forget to remove the shelves and drawers as well – finding replacements is usually harder and more expensive than you would expect.

Step 3: Defrost the Unit

Easy enough! Now that the refrigerator is empty, it’s time to defrost it to remove any build-up of ice and frost that has accumulated over time. However, this step isn’t as simple as unplugging the unit and leaving it be for the next 24-hours. All of that ice, frost and moisture has to go somewhere. So, make sure you lay down a sufficient layer of towels around the fridge before pulling the plug.

Step 4: Disconnect the Unit

This step to moving a refrigerator may seem obvious but depending on the type of fridge you have, it may require more than simply unplugging the power cord. If your fridge has an ice dispenser, there will be some wiring involved and the need to disconnect plumbing.  If you still have your user’s manual, give it a look over to make sure you have everything unplugged safely and properly.

Step 5: Secure the Cord and Unit

Before loading your refrigerator onto a dolly, you must first secure any loose ends to avoid the risk of injury or damage to your home. Wrap up the power cord and secure it to the unit with some packing tape and tape the refrigerator doors shut as well.

Step 6: Gather Your Moving Equipment, Supplies and Help

If you won’t be using professional movers to move your fridge, you’ll want to ask some friends to help you. Moving a refrigerator often requires at least two people to do it safely and properly.

Additionally, you’ll need proper moving equipment to avoid potential injuries and damage. This includes getting your hands on a dolly, moving straps and a furniture blanket. Most moving companies have these items in their trucks but using them will result in an additional fee on your bill. So, make sure you look into that before signing on the dotted line. Bekins Moving Solutions includes almost all moving equipment to you, free of charge.

Step 7: Move the Refrigerator onto the Dolly

Using the proper moving equipment (and help), slowly and carefully slide the refrigerator away from the wall, using the appliance’s wheels as much as possible. If the wheels have become stuck over time, place a moving blanket under the unit to avoid damaging the floor.

Once the fridge is away from the wall, you can slide it onto the dolly. This can be done with one person tilting the fridge while the other person slides the dolly under it.

Step 8: Secure the Fridge

The next step is to secure the fridge to the dolly prior to doing anything else. Skipping over this step can result in significant damage and injuries. So, take advantage of those moving straps and make sure the fridge will not get derailed by abrupt movements or unexpected bumps.

Step 9: Get into Position

Now that the unit is properly secured, you can get into position to ensure its properly moved. Assign one person to push the dolly while another person guides the fridge from the front. If you have a third person, ask them to help guide the fridge through any difficult spots.

Step 10: Keep It Slow

It’s time to start moving the fridge. Take your time and slowly and carefully maneuver the dolly through your home, being especially careful on stairs.

Bekins Moving Solutions will do all the hard work for you. Our professional movers will come in and carefully move your fridge, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free process.