Moving a Playhouse

Moving a Playhouse

For families with children, having a playhouse in the backyard is a great way to keep the kids entertained and active. Moving playground equipment can be quite a challenge. It is usually far too bulky, heavy and awkward to be easily moved. For that reason, many families have to leave their playhouse behind. However, having a solid plan in place for moving your playhouse can make all the difference. Bekins Moving Solutions is up to any moving challenge, including moving a playhouse.

Weigh the Costs

Playhouses do not come cheap. Many elaborate playhouses can cost thousands of dollars, not counting the sentimental costs attached to a particular one. Playhouses mean a great deal to children. Leaving behind both their home and their playhouse can have a significant emotional impact. Playhouses can cost a lot to move due to their size. Ask your moving company about the costs associated with moving a playhouse. Balance the moving costs with the price of purchasing a new playhouse at your next location. If it is cheaper to move it, it may be worth the hassle.

Can You Disassemble the Playhouse?

If you can disassemble the playhouse to be moved, things can be a lot less complicated. Plastic playhouses tend to be the easiest to move. Not only are they are a lot less heavy than those made out of wood, but they can also often be taken apart and moved in pieces. They also offer greater resistance to changes in the weather. A wooden playhouse can be a very different matter. If you can’t take apart the wooden playhouse, you may just want to leave it in place and purchase a new one at your new location.

How to Move a Wooden Playhouse

Some playhouses are built into the ground, in which case releasing the playhouse from its foundation is your first priority. You will need garden tools such as a hoe, mattock, or shovel to dig around the base and release it. You will then need a strong group of movers to help load up the playhouse and strap it to a dolly. From there, you will need to adequately wrap it to protect it during the transportation process to your new home. Since they can be really heavy, it is crucial that you have professional assistance in loading and uploading your wooden playhouse.

Ask for Help

Moving a playhouse is no easy feat. You may need the help from professionals in order to get it to your new location in one piece. Bekins Moving Solutions has a team of experienced movers who can help you. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate so you can plan your moving budget accordingly. Whether you are moving your playhouse or your actual house, our moving professionals can assist you!

For more information about moving a playhouse or to move your home, contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 for a free moving estimate.