Moving a military family

Moving a military family

Moving in the military is a pretty common occurrence, yet this does not mean that it could ever be considered to be easy.  On the contrary, making a military move is often considerably more stressful than an ordinary relocation would be, with the stress often being added to by the fact that one parent is being deployed.

It is therefore vital to make sure that your move is going to be carried out as efficiently as possible.  If you have young children, it is also important to try to involve them in the relocation as much as you can.  If one parent is being deployed, it is highly likely that children are already experiencing some anxiety and it is essential to keep them occupied.  They will also most likely have to change schools, so you should take the time to discuss any concerns they may have about this issue.

You will want to enroll your children at their new school as quickly and easily as possible, so make sure that all of their paperwork is in order.  If you get the chance, it is also a good idea to give your children a tour of their new town and school, introduce them to their new teachers, and get any books or assignments in advance to make sure they are not too overwhelmed on their first day.

It is also a smart move to get your children involved in packing; this is also a practical tactic if one parent is being deployed.

Rick Wozniak