Moving 101: The Importance of Moving Equipment

Moving 101: The Importance of Moving Equipment

Moving day equipment is one of those things many homeowners contemplate. With the various expenses required to move from one home to another, everyone wants to cut down moving day costs as much as possible. Often times, the option to rent additional moving equipment is eliminated. However, this can be incredibly detrimental to not only the efficiency of your day but the health and safety of your belongings and movers. That’s also not to mention that Bekins Moving Solutions provides a lot of moving equipment at no additional cost. So, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the option of moving day equipment. It’s more important (and more affordable) than you think.

Incident Prevention

One of the most valuable benefits of using moving equipment is that it ensures the safety of the movers. As your friends, family and other movers lug your large furniture and heavy boxes down stairs, through doors, and up ramps, it’s crucial to take the proper precautions to prevent incidents. Moving day injuries can happen quickly and unexpectedly, but more importantly, they’re preventable with the right moving equipment.

Protect your Belongings

The health and safety of others aren’t the only things moving equipment protects. With the proper equipment, you can also ensure your belongings get transported in one piece. Although you can purchase valuation coverage for your items, some things are irreplaceable and not all plans are created equally. That’s also not to mention that valuation protection only applies to the items being moved.

If the home is damaged during the move as a result of trying to carry massive furniture pieces through doorways and narrow hallways, that expense is not covered. So, it’s crucial to take the proper steps to ensure everything remains in mint condition, from your boxes of belongings to the interior of the home, and moving equipment can do just that.

Reduce Moving Costs

Moving day costs are often the main deciding factor when it comes to moving equipment. While some rental truck companies charge extra for use of their dollies, moving blankets, and other equipment, these services and equipment are provided, free-of-charge, when you move with Bekins Moving Solutions. So, there’s no additional charge to receive an abundance of extra benefits.

More importantly, using moving equipment can actually reduce moving day costs. When you have the proper items needed to move large furniture pieces and heavy boxes, you instantly decrease the risk of these items being damaged. Moving equipment also reduces the risk of damaging the home during the move, which can be an expensive thing to fix otherwise.

Increase Efficiency

The better you move, the better the day, and moving equipment allows you to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of the day. With the right equipment, you can quickly and easily move all of your belongings from one home to another. Equipment also helps reduce wasted effort and using these availing moving tools can even result in a more affordable move, as you won’t need professional movers or the moving truck for as long as you would otherwise.

Enjoy a Quality Experience

Lastly, moving equipment ensures a quality experience. There’s no denying that moving is tough; it’s tough on the body and it’s tough on your patience. You just want to get it done. With moving equipment, you can do just that and as fast, efficient and safe as possible. As a bonus, you spend less time moving and more time enjoying your new home.

Don’t let moving day costs deter you from renting moving equipment. Most of the tools, from dollies to furniture blankets and much more are provided to you for free when you book with Bekins Moving Solutions. The benefits that follow are priceless.