How to Move Commercial Equipment

How to Move Commercial Equipment

Moving commercial equipment is no easy feat. These items are often large, awkward and heavy. Lifting them is one thing – maneuvering them through the building and into a moving truck is an entirely different story. However, with these helpful tips, you can effectively, efficiently and safely move your commercial equipment, no matter how large, awkward or heavy it may be.

Use Specialty Crates

The first recommendation for moving commercial equipment is to use specialty creates. These wood crates are built with high-quality wood and are designed to withstand national and international moves.

There are also many specialty crates that are designed specifically for different items, such as commercial creates, furniture creates, computer equipment creates, etc. However, if you need to move commercial equipment that has odd dimensions and requirements, you can opt for custom crating. This allows you to use wood creates designed specifically for the size, weight and dimensions of your equipment.

Pack, Fill and Wrap with Packing Materials

Once you have your crates, boxes and/or containers figured out, you can decide on the type of packing materials needed to safely transport the items that’ll go inside of them. While bubble wrap and packing paper are often the common choices, there are many more options, all of which come with different benefits. So, explore the wide range of options and choose the best material for your needs.

In addition to filling voids, you’ll want to have packing materials that wrap your commercial equipment. Moving items such as office chairs can be a serious hassle when the chairs won’t stop spinning; using plastic wrap can secure the moving parts and make the move easier. This instantly results in an increase in efficiency and productivity – two things every business prioritizes.

Take Full Advantage of Moving Equipment

You won’t be able to safely move large, heavy and/or awkward commercial equipment without the use of moving equipment. Considering that almost all of the moving equipment needed for a commercial move is provided to you at no extra charge when you hire Bekins Moving Solutions, there’s really no need to risk moving without it.

However, some moving companies do charge extra for use of their equipment, whether it’s the truck ramp, dolly, furniture blanket, etc. Some also require that you book the equipment in advance. So, this is something you certainly want to be aware of ahead of time to ensure you have the necessary equipment for a safe and successful move of your commercial equipment.

Secure with Proper Straps

There are one too many viral videos of massive equipment falling off of dollies and trucks simply because someone didn’t use moving straps to secure the equipment. While it’s easy to assume that the heaviness of the commercial equipment will keep the item steady and in place, this is not an accurate assumption. Not only that, but it’s an assumption that can result in serious injuries and damage to both you and your items.

Remove All Removable Parts

Prior to moving your commercial equipment, give it a once-over to see if there are any parts that can be removed. Often times, there will be. These removable parts are also the pieces that will snag or make it impossible to get through a doorway. So, always remove any removable parts before getting started. It’ll save you a significant amount of time and struggle.

Moving commercial equipment is one of the most difficult types of moves out there. To avoid the risk of injury or damage, consider hiring professionals to do the packing and moving for you. This will ensure a safe, successful and efficient move.