More people seeking to work in real estate in Las …

More people seeking to work in real estate in Las  …

Following the trend that is being witnessed across the entire country, house prices in the Greater Las Vegas area have been rising. The news that the housing market is stabilizing has seen more people becoming interested in a career in real estate as they look to get involved in the revival of the market.

New data has been released showing that the Nevada Department of Business and Industry passed 917 people in the real estate licensing exam in the period between January and July 2012. This figure represents a massive 22% increase on the figures available for the same period 12 months ago.

While many real estate organizations are claiming that their membership numbers are slightly down compared to last year, this is blamed on the recession. As house prices start to climb and demand increases for property, more people are believed to want to get back into the real estate business as it starts to become an attractive proposition once again.

Enrollment for the pre-licensing courses is up, according to the Prudential’s Americana Real Estate Academy spokeswoman Michelle Casolair. The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors is showing a drop of only around 200 people as the numbers of people moving back into the industry starts to balance out the numbers lost at the height of the global property crash.

Jon Huser