More Hotels Opening in Airports

More Hotels Opening in Airports

There seems to be a trend in the hospitality industry – many hotels are actually moving into airports. Yes, we mean inside airports, not just near them! We can see this being very convenient.

Apparently, the days of having to get to the airport extra early and sleep upright in an uncomfortable terminal chair are behind us. Say hello to the days of top-notch rooms, classy layouts, and cutting edge amenities right inside the terminal.

Some airport hotels offer rooms that are on the smaller side – sometimes under 100 square feet with room for only a bed, desk and shower – but they offer exactly what weary travelers need: a nice place to sleep before or after a flight!

There are a number of airports with hotels inside them. The Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy has a Sheraton Hotel (the Sheraton Malpensa). London’s Heathrow Airport has a Yotel, as do several other European airports.

The Yotel is a unique airport addition. Guests can check in and out at almost any time of the day and reserve rooms in four-hour blocks. Overnight stays cost about $90, which isn’t so bad, especially for those wanting to get an early start on their travels the following day.

Though some of the smaller Yotel rooms don’t have really classy layouts – they are more along the lines of a cruise ship cabin – they do serve a real need. Just think about having to get up super early for that 6am flight. Chances are you have to leave earlier than that just to get through security, so why suffer the pain of losing sleep? Check into the hotel at the airport to simply walk out to the terminal without missing a beat!

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