More helpful moving tips

More helpful moving tips

Making a move can be a difficult business; however, life can be made a good deal simpler by taking advantage of a number of tips that can be extremely helpful in cutting costs and making the entire process a good deal smoother than might otherwise be the case.

One good tip is to pack stemware and glasses in clean socks to provide some additional padding.  Labeling boxes with their contents is a fairly common relocation tip these days, but it is also a very good idea to add the room that the boxes will be going into.  After the move has been completed you should unpack your new home on a room by room basis, which makes the whole process of unpacking seem a lot more manageable and less overwhelming.  Remember to put the labels on the sides of the boxes rather than the tops so that they are easily identifiable even when stacked.

If possible you should visit your new home prior to the day of the move and have the kitchen and bathroom cleaned so that they are ready for your arrival.  It might also be advisable to put up a new shower curtain liner and install some toilet paper and bath towels.  After a long day of moving, there is a good chance that you will feel like taking a nice hot shower.

Buy a roll of stretch wrap and use it to group items together and to protect furniture from scuffs and scratches.