Mistakes you can make with an office move

Mistakes you can make with an office move

No matter how large or small your company is, if you make mistakes with your office move it can be detrimental.  The last five years have certainly shown that no business is above bankruptcy or trouble, even banks.

You do not want to rush into your office move.  Studies indicated that 70% of people who manage an office move have never done so before.  They lack the experience needed to make the business relocation successful.  There are three other crucial points that need to be made when it comes to your office and the consideration of uprooting it to a new location.

You do not want to underestimate what you need to do for the business relocation.  Many have done so, only to find they have not covered everything and now have to spend more to make certain nothing is lost.  There are numerous steps to follow other than securing a new building.  Changing your utilities, telephone lines and much more is involved in the process.

Another mistake is not starting the process soon enough.  If you wait until it is three months before your intended move date, you have not planned out your move early enough.  It takes at least six months to move a small office successfully.  Lastly, ignoring professional services can be a mistake.  Full service moving companies exist to make your relocation easier.  These professionals have the knowledge of how to move without forgetting a detail or losing profit.

Jon Huser