Military retirement overseas

Military retirement overseas

One of the largest groups of US citizens that make the decision to move overseas for their retirement is military veterans, which is something that makes perfect sense for a variety of reasons.  The fact is that many military veterans will have spent a considerable portion of their careers abroad, probably speak several different languages, and may have grown used to living abroad, especially in developing countries.

Whatever the reasons behind the decision to move overseas for their retirement, time still needs to be taken to consider all of the factors rather than making a lasting decision in haste.  There are a number of pros and cons to overseas relocation, and thinking it through thoroughly is recommended if the idea is still of great appeal to you.

Retiring overseas is an excellent option for military veterans.  Unlike many of their fellow US citizens, military veterans usually have a guaranteed pension to look forward to in addition to their social security benefits.  Retired military veterans can thus look forward to retiring in relative wealth in comparison to the great majority of Americans, and in extreme wealth in comparison to those in developing countries should they make the decision for a permanent relocation there.

Many countries also have communities populated entirely by retired ex-patriots, which brings a shared experience and a greater sense of home, making the move to living overseas much easier.  On the downside, there may be a lot of crime and poverty overseas, as well as inefficient bureaucracy and poor healthcare.

Rick Wozniak