Military relocation tips

Military relocation tips

Military personnel in active duty move for their job at least once every two to four years, meaning that even a fairly short period of time can entail a lot of relocation.  These changes can often be very abrupt, with the time from the receiving of orders to the actual move ranging from six months to as little as six days.

The good news is that a successful transition can be made with the minimum of fuss with the use of a little careful planning.  If you are about to make a military move, it is important to know that usually the military will pay for your possessions to be taken to your new posting – up to the authorized weight limit.  If the shipment goes over this limit, you will have to pay for the excess amount.

The best tip is to take as many of your possessions as you are able to and decide what to do with some items, such as curtains and furniture, when you arrive at your new home.  You may want to sell them or simply put them into storage until the next time you move.

Housing is something else that you will have to think about when undergoing military relocation.  Your choices will be likely to include renting or buying a home close to your new base or actually living on site.  If possible, visit the area you are to move to ahead of time to check out the housing; if this is not possible, use the internet to give yourself an idea of what is available.