Military relocation advice

Military relocation advice

When you receive the news about your next military move you need to check with your installation’s finance office to work out precisely what allowances and entitlements you can get as a result.  There are various entitlements and allowances associated with most military moves, but you need to check.

Once you have had the military move officially confirmed then the next thing you need to do is to make an appointment with the transportation office.  The sooner you pay a visit to or call your transportation office, the greater the chance that you will be able to get the precise moving date you want.  All your entitlements will be explained to you by the counselors and you will have the option of choosing whether to move yourself or have the government move you.

Each type of move brings with it its own pros and cons, and all your questions can be answered by the counselor.  If you make the decision to go with a government move, the counselor will book everything and inform you of the date on which the moving company will arrive.  If you decide instead to move yourself, the counselor can still be of assistance with tips and recommendations on how to do this successfully.

Your transportation office can also help you to determine your household goods entitlement, provide information on how to ship a pet and how to ship a motor vehicle.  The housing office can assist with determining the availability of government housing in your new location and learning about temporary housing.

Rick Wozniak