Military moving without the stress

Military moving without the stress

If you are a member of the military, you seem to be constantly on the move.  There are a number of different kinds of military moves and every summer it is estimated that around 225,000 consignments of household items are shipped by members of the US Coast Guard and the Department of Defense.

Any type of move tends to be stressful on families or individuals; however, on the positive side, the military member and their family can be in complete control of their military relocation.  The service member will also get insurance coverage from the military of $25,000, although it should be noted that damage or loss are not covered if they occur because of improper handling or packing.  Be sure to speak with your moving representative to ensure this information pertains to your move.

It is therefore imperative that for this insurance to stay in effect, all goods should be properly packed.  There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home after a move to find that household items have been broken or ruined.  Military moving can also be aided with a DITY move calculator, which can assist with the meeting of weight limitations imposed by military moving regulations.  Even if you hire a professional moving company to do your packing, you should still oversee the packing to ensure it is done properly.

A military moving company is aware of what is expected and generally make use of effective methods in order to protect your household items.  The stress of making a move should not overwhelm the excitement of living in a new environment.