Military moving without the stress

Military moving without the stress

Military relocation can sometimes be a stressful business; however, there are methods to ensure that the process of making a military move is a lot easier and to help you to stay calm throughout.  Here are some of the best tips.

One good tip is to avoid accumulation.  The fact is that the fewer possessions you have to begin with, the easier it will be to get everything packed up and ready for your military move.  You should only buy items that you need or absolutely love and cannot bear to be without.  Keeping your possessions to the bare essentials will make moving a breeze, particularly when it happens as it frequently does in the military.

Creating a moving kit is another very good idea.  A moving kit is not the same as your first night/essentials kit.  Your moving kit should include your family emergency binder containing all your important documents; your home inventory; pens, pencils and markers; the contact details for your airlines, hotels and moving company; box cutters and scissors; a clipboard, paper and tape; and a camera and charger so that you can take photographs of any damage.

You should attend the military briefing about your relocation and take notes, particularly if you are being deployed overseas.  If you are making an international move you will be given a timeline/checklist that can be extremely helpful in the planning and execution of your relocation.