Military moving with a baby

Military moving with a baby

Making a move across the United States or even to a foreign country is a standard part of life in the military for many spouses.  Whether you are completely new to the routine or a veteran, it is vital that you stay vigilant when it comes to safe infant sleep practices during your military move if you have a baby.

Making a military move with an infant can be a very demanding process.  You need to remember to take a copy of the immunization and medical records of your baby, have packed enough formula and baby food to last for the duration of the move, and have enough diapers.

The list of things to prepare for the relocation can appear to be endless and while you are contemplating these questions you also need to continue to balance the demands of the remainder of your household, including your other children, travel arrangements and pets.  The whole process of military relocation can be extremely tiring and there are a number of other challengers that can come up during this time; however, you must make absolutely certain that your baby stays healthy, safe and cared for in the proper manner throughout the journey.

You will probably be hoping for your baby to sleep for a lot of the trip, which means that you need to ensure that their sleep environment is safe.  A crib is the safest place for a baby; therefore, ensure you have access to one at all stages of your relocation.