Military moving packing tips

Military moving packing tips

If you are making a move in the military and have decided to choose the DITY (Do It Yourself) option, this means that you will have to pack all of your possessions without any professional assistance.   If this is the case, there are a few tips to help you to get through this otherwise potentially frustrating experience.

The best piece of advice for a DITY move is simply to get organized.  Getting organized includes saving money and making sure that it has been earmarked for moving expenses, keeping a detailed inventory of all of your boxes, and taking photographs of all of your more valuable possessions.  Another thing that you need to organize is time.  Most people do not fully appreciate just how many possessions they actually have, and packing can also take a lot longer than you might think.

Another good idea is to perform a purge on your possessions before you start packing.  Making a move is the ideal time to get rid of all the unwanted and unnecessary items of junk that you have accumulated over the years that have been hiding in children’s drawers, under the beds and in the attic.  It is pointless to lift and pack and unpack items you do not need or want to keep.

Recycling is also a good tip.  Rather than paying for boxes, acquire them from other people who have recently received their goods or from recycling bins and stores.

Lance Grooms