Military moving advice

Military moving advice

Making a move in the military requires not just a good deal of planning but also more paperwork than you can possibly imagine.  It is necessary to gain military approval for everything from accessing your medical records to having your car shipped to making an appointment.

All military spouses are aware of the fact that the military relocation experience can be broken or made by advance planning.  Since a large amount of the whole process is likely to be completely out of your control, the best method to make certain that the move is a successful one is organization.

The first and perhaps the most important bit of advice when it comes to making a successful military move is to come up with a list.  It is far too easy to end up becoming overwhelmed just by the sheer number of steps that it is necessary to take during the process of relocation, whether the move is relatively local or half a world away.  Whenever a detail comes into your head, you should write it down right away and it can then be crossed off your list whenever it has been successfully completed.  Lists aid with both jogging your memory and making certain that you stay firmly on track.

It is also a good idea to research the new area in which you will be living.  One great tool to locate your brand new home and the local area is Google Maps.

Rick Wozniak