Military families on the move

Military families on the move

It is never simple to be a part of a military family, and nor does it pay terribly well – depending on your rank and whereabouts you live.  The good news is that military families on the move can follow a few simple tips that will make their relocation a good deal easier and more enjoyable.

A moving company that has been approved by the military will come to your home on base and pack everything in the approved manner, which accords to a very strict military protocol.  Everything that is in the home will be packed; if you want to take anything with you by hand, you should make certain that you have removed it before the arrival of the movers.

If even one box of a particular size proves to be out of place then the moving company will have to repack before they can leave the home, with a military inspector being on hand to perform an inspection of the way in which the truck has been packed.  The responsibility for leaving the home in shape is the responsibility of the military family, and all walls should be painted, holes filled and the home cleaned before they move out.  Any failure in this respect could result in fines, reprimands and possibly even suspension or demotion of rank.

Not everyone lives on an army base, however, and those who do not can move in any manner they choose, with almost all costs reimbursed by the military after the event.

Rick Wozniak