Managing an office move

Managing an office move

Managing an office move needs to begin some time ahead of the actual event.  If possible, you should begin as early as six months ahead of your relocation when it comes to planning, establishing a team, looking at office equipment and furniture that could be given away or sold, and closely examining your telecommunication and infrastructure requirements.

When there are just four months to go before your office move, you should begin clearing the office of any files and storage records that are unused, miscellaneous clutter, and non-essential furniture.  This is the time that you should also begin contacting all of the people who will need to be made aware of your impending move, such as your clients, partners and suppliers.

This is also the time frame in which you should confirm how many of your employees are going to relocate with you.  You should begin making up a seating plan for your brand new office space and make sure that it is finished no later than one month prior to the date of your office move.

Two months before your move is the time to start getting estimates from moving companies.  By this time you will have a better understanding of precisely what needs to be taken to the new office and when.  You should get no fewer than three estimates and make a final decision based on accreditation, experience, equipment, insurances, procedures, and the moving company’s overall capability when it comes to project management.

Gene Salaz