Making your move straightforward

Making your move straightforward

Moving to a new home can be made a good deal more straightforward by having a moving checklist to help keep you on track during the process of relocation.  Making a move can be a very stressful experience due to all the things that need to be taken into consideration, which means that having such a checklist is vital.

Around three months prior to the move you need to ask yourself a number of questions, including which items need to be moved, which of your possessions are the most important to you, whether you have fragile items that could be damaged during relocation, whether you have any particularly heavy items, and whether you have items that may not be able to be moved out of your home.

You need to set a date for your relocation and define your criteria for selecting a professional moving company.  You need to decide which factors are the most important for you when finding a moving company, such as price, quality and/or availability.  You should also research the area that you are intending to move to and find out about factors such as schools, security, shopping and public transport.  Start buying packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, newspapers or foam.

Around one month before the big move you should change your address at the post office and compile a list of everyone that will need to be notified of your upcoming move, including your family and friends, telephone and gas suppliers, mobile phone provider, insurance agency, doctor and dentist.