Making the most of your DITY move

Making the most of your DITY move

For a long distance DITY move, a moving truck is an absolutely essential requirement.  Trucks should be reserved a minimum of two weeks prior to moving day.  Another good tip is to pack in increments; you should start packing as early as possible in order to avoid the hassle of last minute packing.  It is a good idea to leave at least one box open in the event that you may need one of the items inside it, as it is easier to just tape it shut on the day of the relocation than it is to start packing things up at the last moment.

It is a good idea to purchase sturdy boxes of a variety of different sizes together with bubble wrap and foam for the purpose of protecting items that are of a fragile nature.  A good supply of marker pens and packing tape for labeling and sealing boxes is also something that is strongly recommended.

The process of relocation on the day of the actual military move can be made easier by making certain that you have hand trucks and moving blankets to hand.

One of the best pieces of advice is to have a good clear out before the day of the move.  It is far easier to give away, sell, donate or just throw away possessions that you no longer want or need than it is to have to go to the trouble of packing and moving them.

Rick Wozniak