Making sure your office relocation goes smoothly

Today – more than ever before – businesses need to be attempting to extract every bit of value that they are able to from everything they do.  Moving an office can be a very important area to review as companies consolidate and build a better platform on which they can grow and cut down on excessive expenditure.

Office relocation can get businesses into cheaper, better and more appropriate space, which is something that not only cuts down on overheads but also means that they are in a better position for the future.  Moving an office correctly is an excellent opportunity to improve business performance, affect positive change management and increase both momentum and morale; however an office move that is handled incorrectly can result in the opposite effect, and far too many businesses do just this.

The good news, however, is that many of the mistakes made during an office move are common ones and can be easily avoided.  The most common errors made when moving an office are underestimating precisely what office moving entails, not engaging the services of a professional moving company in the belief that this will save money, and not starting the office relocation process soon enough.

Making intelligent use of checklists, spreadsheets and project planning documents will both assist with the planning of the office relocation and serve as a road map in order to carry out the numerous tasks that the project entails.  It is also impossible to begin planning the move early.