Making PCS travel arrangements for your furry frie …

Moving around the world or even across the country can be a very stressful experience, but the process is even more complicated once you add moving a dog or a cat into the equation. 

Preparation can, however, help to cut down on some of the stress associated with arranging relocation for your furry friend. If you are set to undergo a Permanent Change of Station then the first thing you need to do for your pet is to go to see your vet.  Pet owners should be proactive when it comes to seeking out information on what they have to do to get their animals prepared for a move, particularly if they are being shipped overseas.

As well as finding out what your pet will need from a vet prior to a Permanent Change of Station, there is a new volunteer group that operates out of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base that can offer animal owners help with their move.  The group, which is known as PAWS (Pets Awaiting Warriors), offers pet owners in the military support and information during deployments and Permanent Changes of Station.
In some cases a military family may be unable to take their pet with them, and PAWS can also help in this instance.  Many families are forced to give their pet to an animal shelter in the hope that it will be adopted, but such shelters are forced to euthanize about 4,000 animals every year.  PAWS can help to provide alternative options to prevent such an outcome.

Rick Wozniak