Making moving easier for office employees

While many employees loathe the thought of having to go to their desks on a Monday morning, there is something else that can inspire even more dread: the idea of having to move their desk and everything contained within it to another location; however, even the most disorganized of employees can experience a smooth office move with a bit of organization, a little planning and by keeping their sense of humor. Office relocation is always a stressful time and employees are not immune to that stress; however, the process can be made a lot easier on everyone with some careful planning.

The great majority of companies will give their employees plenty of warning in advance about an office move, and this time should be used to prepare.  A lot of companies will even arrange for their employees to be able to have time away from their normal work duties in order to get ready for the transition, and you should not be afraid to ask for a half day out of your schedule if you really feel that you need this time to get ready for the move. Cleaning and packing are both vital to an office move, and you should start with cleaning. 

Moving boxes and other relevant materials are likely to be supplied by your company; if you need any more supplies, do not hesitate to ask.  The approved labeling methods should be followed in order to avoid losing anything along the way, while any digital data should be backed up on an external drive or other portable media.

Gene Salaz