Making moving easier for children

Moving is a very stressful experience for all concerned, particularly if the relocation is over a long distance.  Because of this, the stress that the move can cause children can often be overlooked and dealt with only after the event; this is something that can result in the relocation being much more hectic and make it harder to settle into the new home.

One method to make the relocation process easier for children is to sit them down and discuss the move openly with them.  Do not be surprised if they are not as excited by what is happening as you may have presumed they would be.  Make sure that you do some research on the area you are moving to and can tell them about the different activities, events, parks and schools there. 

The most important thing of all is to be honest about the reasons for the relocation. Many children are often angry about having to leave behind their friends and other family members.  The good news is that today’s world makes it a lot easier to stay in touch with people, thanks to social media and technology in general.  Come up with a plan involving extended family members and friends so that they continue to be connected to your children.

You also need to make it clear that just because you are making a move elsewhere does not mean that your children are never going to see these people again.  Even along with modern conveniences such as SKYPE, visiting can always remain an option.

Jon Huser