Making military moves less stressful

Making military moves less stressful

With children not in school and good weather anticipated, the great majority of people tend to think of summer as being one of the best and least stressful times to move house.  This perception is so strong that around 225,000 DOD and Coast Guard shipments take place during the summer season.

The peak rush of summer relocation takes place as both civilian and military families attempt to take advantage of the long weekends afforded to them by both Independence Day and Memorial Day.  Due to these additional holidays, the very height of the summer moving season takes place toward the end of June and lasts until the 4th July.

Military shipments have to compete with those from the private sector, which means that a backlog is the result not just for carriers but also for officials.  Officials claim that more than 50% of all DOD moves take place in summer and that service members who plan to move during this period often encounter some difficulties when they attempt to lock in specific relocation dates.  These difficulties can be averted, however, by making sure that they have booked their moving dates well in advance. This is essential for anyone who hopes to be able to beat the moving rush.

If you still cannot book your ideal moving dates, you might wish to consider a DIY move, which can provide flexibility and help to avoid loss.  Active duty service personnel who decide on a DIY move can be reimbursed for expenses.

Rick Wozniak