Making it easier to unpack

Moving is a major challenge and anyone who has ever gone through the experience knows that the process of unpacking generally takes twice as long as it did to pack everything to begin with.  This can make it difficult to get normal life up and running smoothly again after the move has been completed; however, there are some good tips to help to smooth the process.

One good tip is to pack a suitcase with all the essential items such as toiletries, night-time reading material, footwear, clothing and pajamas in the same place to make the process of unpacking less urgent after relocation.  People have a tendency to pack all their clothes in boxes, but this can make it tough to find appropriate outfits quickly.

To help children to be enthusiastic about the move, treat is as though you are all going on an exciting camping trip.  Allow them to pack their own suitcases, albeit with some supervision to ensure that the suitcase contains items such as school clothes, text books, and clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

A lot of people pack one room at a time, which is an extremely effective method; however, you can make this even more effective by labeling the boxes in terms of how important they are.  Pack everyday objects and seasonally-appropriate objects in boxes that are labeled ‘very important’, and ensure that this labeling can be seen from all four sides to make the boxes easy to find.