Making home inspection easier

Making home inspection easier

One aspect of making a move that can be difficult is home inspection.  Most home buyers want their new home inspected to make sure that there are no huge problems hiding beneath the surface of the property they are about to purchase, and the people buying your home want to know exactly the same thing.

You will almost certainly have to have a home inspection before you move.  Limited access can often hamper a home inspector from doing his or her job and there are some steps you can take to help things along.  If you have an attic, the home inspector will want to inspect it or at least see it from the opening.  Make sure that there is enough room for the inspector to get to the access panel.  An inspector does not have permission to move your personal items, so you will have to do this yourself.

Home inspectors will need to inspect your electric panel before relocation and is likely to take off the cover and make an inspection of the interior wiring.  Items in front of the panel need to be moved before the inspector arrives.

A home inspector will almost certainly trip your outlets and GFCI breakers, and a breaker can sometimes be turned off accidentally when removing the panel.  If you own a computer, make sure that you save any currently running programs and have the computer fully shut down prior to the inspection.