Making friends after a military move

Members of the military who make frequent moves because of their jobs are faced with the kind of challenges encountered by any relocating professional or expat.  Having to make new friends, find out what activities there are in to participate in off-base in their new local area and maybe even having to learn a completely new language can all be very challenging.

Making new friends after making a military move is something that is absolutely crucial to ensuring that you are happy after the relocation has taken place.  This is also very important if your spouse is coming with you on the move, as they will need to have a satisfying social life to avoid feelings of homesickness.

Although the base may have some resources that can help, outside the base there is a whole world that you might want to explore and get to know; however, this necessitates you having to leave your comfort zone and take a chance on the unfamiliar.  You need to become familiar with your new surroundings to avoid the feeling of isolation that could otherwise occur after a move.

It is therefore important that you take the time needed to learn about the culture and the people that you will be experiencing in your new environment, and if there is a different language spoken there then you should learn it.  The key to making new friends is communication; knowing the language will also make you feel more confident when you venture off-base.