Making a move with the little ones

Making a move with the little ones

Making a move with young children does not have to be particularly stressful.  The great majority of children love a good adventure and are highly likely to embrace the process of relocation, as long as you take the time to involve them in all aspects of the move along the way.  By making sure that your children are actively involved, moving with children can actually become fun rather than upsetting and stressful.  There are a number of simple ways to make sure that your children can be fully integrated into the process of moving.  Fun projects, small tasks related to packing and asking for their help can all assist with incorporating children into the move and will also help the children to get used to the idea of moving.

One important tip when it comes to moving house with children is to make sure that you tell them about it as soon as possible, rather than risk them having to find out about the move some other way.  Talk to them, share all of the details that you believe that they will be able to understand, and ask for and listen to their reaction to the news.  Kids tend to have a different reaction to moving depending on their age.  Younger children have a tendency to miss people who are familiar to them, such as a favorite teacher, as well as environments in which they feel safe and secure, such as school, church, or even just their own bedrooms.  Older children, on the other hand, and particularly teenagers, tend more toward missing their friends and other people within the local community with whom they have formed relationships.

Children should be involved in all aspects of moving if possible, including looking for a new house, planning out the move, and undertaking tasks appropriate for their age.  Children should be helped to pack a special box in which they can place their most treasured belongings.  The outside of the box can even be decorated so that it is easy to identify once you have reached your new home.  They should also be encouraged to give their input on the arrangements and decoration of the new home in addition to being encouraged to say goodbye to their friends and to exchange contact information in order to be able to maintain contact.  You should also make plans as early as you can to have your child continue their current activities, such as dance classes, sports and Scouts, to make the move easier for them.

This advice for moving with children is for methods of making sure that your kids are involved with the relocation process and to stop them from becoming lonely in their new environment.  Allowing your children to assist with house hunting and packing can also be of great help to you during this period, as well as making them feel special and needed during the transition.

Lance Grooms