Making a military move

Military families are certainly not strangers to having to move on a regular basis.  One of the great perks of having a member of the family in the military is being able to experience different cultures and new surroundings on a fairly regular basis, but having to move so many times can be one of the biggest nuisances. Making a move with any branch of the armed services can be a lot more complicated than any civilian relocation. 

Military families have several choices when it comes to moving – to let the military hire someone to perform the move for them, to hire a private mover on their own, or to handle the entire move by themselves (the DIY approach). There are benefits and drawbacks to all three of these choices.  If you let the government select and hire a moving company you basically get no say in the matter, and there are some moving horror stories from families who have seen priceless heirlooms get accidentally destroyed during relocation.  On the plus side, however, everything is fully insured and all expenses are paid when you are moved by the military. If you decide to do it yourself, be it moving your possessions in a truck or hiring a professional moving company of your choice, you will have to pay your moving expenses upfront.  Movers contracted by the military will be responsible not just for the moving but also for the packing of your possessions, which is something that can make unpacking a nightmare.