Making a military move

Moving day could arrive several months following the announcement that the military service member is to be transferred to a new post, or just a few short weeks; either way, moving day could end up being a pretty simple time if you have made the choice to have your household goods packed and shipped by the military.

Your military relocation office is likely to have some superb tips with regard to the right things to do on the day of the move, and it can also be a good idea to ask for advice from any more seasoned military spouses that you may know.  Here are a few other tips that could be of assistance.

One good tip is that if you have any important records or valuable items that you are intending to move yourself, you should make sure that they have been separated from the rest of your household goods.

Moving can be made more of a challenge by the presence of children and pets.  The best idea is to ask a friend or neighbor to look after your little ones and furry friends while the military moving company packs up your belongings.

It is a wise course of action to keep the telephone numbers of your moving company and the base transportation office close by, and remember to treat your movers with a great deal of respect.  After all, the safety of your personal items is in their hands!