Make your office move a success

Organizing an office move can be reminiscent of a military operation.  A clear and comprehensive plan needs to be developed well in advance in order to successfully deal with such factors as managing sensitive computer equipment, confidential documents, and other belongings and members of staff.  Fortunately there are some tips to help you to achieve this.

You should start to prepare for an office relocation a minimum of three months prior to the actual day of the move, and you should ensure that the date the move is scheduled for does not conflict with any major office deadlines.  You also need to ensure that your suppliers and clients are aware of your moving date and destination to make sure that deliveries and payments are sent to the right place and that clients understand that there may be some disruption.

It is vital to keep your employees up to date with all aspects of the relocation at every step.  They need to know the new office location and when the move is to take place, as this could have an impact on some of their decisions, such as when to take a vacation.

Approaching a number of different moving companies is a good idea, as is ensuring that they are all reputable firms with many years’ experience in the industry.  Any moving company you hire should have visited both your current and new office premises to assess everything that needs to be moved.