Make your move easier

Make your move easier

The time to start getting ready for your move is the moment that you have officially put your home up for sale.  The great majority of homes are packed to overflowing with numerous possessions and items of furniture, many of which can prove to be very distracting to potential buyers when they come to look at your home.

Go to a nearby moving company and purchase a number of boxes of different shapes and sizes, and start to pack up all the clutter in your home.  This can be a big help when it comes to making your home show better and look a lot bigger to prospective buyers.

One good way to get organized when it comes to this process is to put all your possessions into categories with a priority of one, two and three.  The boxes that are the number one priority – and marked as such – are the most necessary and urgent.  These contain the items that you make use of on a daily basis and thus need to have at your disposal, so should not be fully packed until just prior to the move.

The boxes marked number two are still important, but can nonetheless be sacrificed.  Anything that you can live without for a while can be packed, and closets, cupboards, counters and furniture should be stripped of anything that you will not need for at least the next few months.  Packed boxes can be placed in attics, basements or storage facilities until the move.