Make use of your garden when selling your house

Make use of your garden when selling your house

If you are thinking of selling your house during the months of spring or summer, it is important to recognize that one feature that almost a potential buyer may be looking for is a garden.

Your own garden may not seem like it should be up there as one of your main priorities, particularly given other commitments that you have such as work and the difficulties of planning relocation; however, the reality is that a garden can be a significant factor in the appeal of your property, particularly where young families are concerned.  Once you are aware of this fact then you will probably need a few tips to ensure that people are able to fall in love with your garden.

One good tip is to make sure that you time your sale right.  If you do have a garden, the best time to try to sell your property if you want to move is almost certainly in the spring.  The positive vibes and the warm weather will be encouraging purchasers to get out and about looking for a new home, which means that you should make certain that you are prepared for them.  Selecting bulbs that will flower in succession is an excellent method of making the most of color in your garden.

The correct flowers can make all the difference, with a recent survey suggesting that roses are the most attractive flowers for potential home buyers.  Other popular choices include lavender, tulips, lilies, geraniums and sunflowers.

Jon Huser