Make that office move a little smoother

Make that office move a little smoother

If you are looking for ways to make that office move run a little smoother then there are a few things that you can do in the planning process to help.  Office moves take a lot of organization and the more you do in advance the easier it is.

Moving into your new office building may have to be done outside of working hours.  If there are other companies using the building then it would simply disrupt their work.  You need to plan for the move to take place in an evening or at the weekend.  You also need to find out if the building that you are moving into has any requirements for the move such as keeping flooring covered while moving furniture.

During the planning process you will probably have a team of key personnel responsible for organizing the move but you can also ask the head of each department to create an inventory of items that need to be moved.

Remember that your moving company may not move things like plants so find out if there are any things in your office that they cannot handle and plan in advance for this.

During the move appoint one manager to oversee the process at your current location and have one in place at your new office so that they can supervise the unloading. Make sure that there are not too many staff members there on the day as this can hinder the movers.  You should not need many as most packing will have already been completed.