Make moving greener

Make moving greener

The US Census Bureau claims that every year around 40 million people move in the United States.  Any household or business relocation will inevitably involve the use of a lot of resources.  While moving without any kind of environmental impact is unlikely, there are ways to cut down on the level of this impact.

One good method to begin an environmentally friendly move is to decide precisely what actually needs to go with you to your new home.  Check through your house and make a decision as to which items could be recycled, donated or sold.  The fewer possessions that you have to take with you will result in less use of man hours, gas and packing materials.  It takes the knack of being able to find the right resources and a little bit of passion to carry out an environmentally friendly relocation.

It is nearly impossible to move without making use of cardboard boxes.  The main priority when making use of cardboard boxes during your relocation is not to buy brand new boxes that you then immediately throw away the moment your move has been completed.  There are some boxes available to purchase that are manufactured from materials that have been fully recycled and come at very affordable prices.

If you have no choice but to purchase brand new boxes then you should consider either recycling or offering them for sale via craigslist once you have finished using them.

Jon Huser