Make moving easier

Make moving easier

Everyone knows that moving is a difficult time, but just remembering a few simple things can help to make that transition to a new life and having to pack up your entire existence and take it to your new home that little bit easier.

One good tip is to make sure that you have packed an overnight bag before your relocation.  All of your essentials should be packed into this overnight bag, such as face wash, moisturizer, hair ties, wash rag, toner, hairbrush and clothes.  After a day of having to pack and then unpack your belongings you will most likely be far too tired to look for each of these essentials in various different places, which makes an overnight bag a very good idea.  Other items you might want to include in your overnight bag are various chargers for items such as iPods, cell phones and laptops.

Another good tip is to make use of clear bins.  You cannot really use these for all of your possessions, as that would probably end up costing a fortune, but pack them with the items that you will need to find and use almost right away, such as paper towels, black bags, toilet rolls and cleaning products.  Clear bins make it a lot simpler to find items that you are going to need quickly and will also make a nice break from the sea of brown boxes you are likely to find yourself surrounded by after your move.

When you unpack your possessions, the best advice is to do one room at a time – this makes the process of unpacking a good deal more manageable.  This can be done by making certain that you label your boxes by their contents as you pack them.  Another good idea is to color code the boxes; a red color means that the items in the box belong in the lounge, for example.  This means that every box can simply be placed in the room in which it belongs and can be unpacked and sorted out as time permits.

It is also a good idea to take photographs of your electronic items and precisely how the wires are connected up.  This will certainly decrease the level of frustration you are likely to feel if you want to watch television after a long day of moving.  If the new place you are making a move to is rented, it is also a good idea to take photographs prior to relocation so that you can show that any scuff marks or cracks in the walls were there before you moved in.

It is in advisable to drink on the night before moving day.  Moving is a stressful enough experience at the best of times, but doing so while hungover is just asking for trouble.  Another good tip is to make sure that you keep one set of bedding separate from the others and then make your bed the moment you arrive so that you can simply turn in for the night once you decide you have had enough.

Jon Huser