Make moving easier for your cat

Make moving easier for your cat

Moving house is an incredibly stressful time for human beings, so you can only imagine how stressful it is for your feline friend.  Cats are by their very nature territorial; they mark their environment by rubbing their scent over the objects in your home.  This is a way of defining its boundaries, as well as letting other cats know that that this territory belongs to them.

When your cat is removed from its environment and taken to a strange new place, it can be a quite terrifying experience.  This is particularly the case if the previous owner had a cat, as this means that its scent will be all over this new environment.

The first thing you must do to make the relocation easier on your furry friend is to thoroughly clean the room in which the cat will be staying.  Making the move to a new home as easy as possible for your pet is very much your responsibility.

One of the first things to remember is that anything unfamiliar in your cat’s environment can be very upsetting.  The presence of packing boxes and the moving of furniture can frighten and bewilder a cat, and it is therefore a good idea to leave one room untouched until the last minute when you are packing up your home.  This will help your cat to feel that your home is still somewhere comfortable and familiar.  The removal men should be told where the cat is so as to not accidentally let it out.

Lance Grooms