Make moving easier for your cat

Make moving easier for your cat

If you are moving home and are beginning to get seriously stressed out by the anticipation, just imagine the effect that it is having on your beloved pet cat. Many cats are place-sensitive and love their familiar surroundings, so you may be wondering precisely how your furry friend will react to such a dramatic change. Will your pet be able to get used to his or her new home, or will they misbehave in some way? The good news for both of you is that there are methods of making sure that you can cut down the level of stress for both your pet and for you.

One important tip is to make sure that you are calm about the relocation yourself. Cats can pick up on our emotions; if you are stressed out about the move, this stress will be communicated to your pet. Stay cool, take time to reassure your cat, and make sure that you spend a lot of quality time together before, during and after the relocation has been completed. Participate in your cat’s favorite activities such as brushing, playing or snuggling – anything that reinforces a sense of normalcy and feeling of home regardless of whatever else is happening. Monitoring your own emotions and attempting to bring a sense of purpose and calm to the move rather than frenetic pace will ultimately help to make you both feel better.

Another good tip is to take with you plenty of items that are familiar to your cat and will remind it of home. While cats are place-sensitive, it is also a fact that many of our feline friends will be happy having a familiar box or toy to play with for much the same reason. Your pet’s favorite blankets, toys, tents, boxes and so on should be placed somewhere within easy reach once you have arrived at your new home. This feeling of home and semblance of normality will certainly be appreciated by your cat; the more gracefully they can be eased into the relocation, the happier they will be in the long-term.

A cat can become overwhelmed if they are immediately let loose in a brand new place, particularly if it is a large environment. A good piece of advice would be to take the introduction of your pet to their new home one room at a time. The personality of your cat is also important with regard to how you should proceed. If they are generally adventurous and fearless, and not prone to anxiety, allowing them to explore the new place all at once might not be a bad idea after all; however, if they are generally shy and slow to adapt to change, the transition should be made more gradually – perhaps with a bedroom to begin with, or a bathroom. The personality of your feline friend should be used to determine the speed at which at you decide to integrate them into their new home.